“There are alot of guys…but very few men”

Tell her she’s beautiful, crack a smile for a lil while
Let her see that you’re not JUST feelin her style
But don’t let her SEE that the truth you’re decorating with a lie..
Is really the well known characteristic of a common guy.

Do you treat her with respect even in front of your dudes?
Or more like a toy to brag about then tell how she was used
Painting a picture of happiness and bliss
By covering your wrongs with an “I’m sorry babe” and adding a little kiss

Is the worth you give her real?
Or something to make her FEEL like it’s ok to let you creep into her
off-limit fields
Taking advantage of security
To put her on your list of girls with stolen purity

Lusting selfishly and driven by your own pleasures
Careless. Not caring about stealing God’s treasures
She tries to slow it down…but YOU don’t let her
Telling her that no protection will make feel it better

Hope that makes YOU feel good when you achieved YOUR goal
Prize goes to you! The pride of corrupting another soul
What FOOL tricks a lady into believing that he’s the answer??
God is the ONLY REAL LOVE and the only kind that fills and can be transferred

You claim to be a MAN but if she says NO, you don’t understand
Making her think that’s how you show love. That’s just another deceiving plan.
Take her to a park, walk, and hold her hand
Listen to what she likes; lead by example, and NOT by giving commands

Do you EVER raise your voice or belittle God’s princess?
Convincing her that shutting up would be in her best interest?
Creating FEAR induced love that makes you feel like the man who calls the shots
That’s when you become a PUNK and a lady realizes that MEN are out of stock..

When is the nonsense going to STOP?
Show a lady REAL respect that shows intentions beyond getting her
panties to drop
Thinking she’s intrigued by your size and how high you rise…
That’s just a cowardly game played amongst GUYS.

Don’t let a guy into your comfort zone because he says the RIGHT lines
Look how he treats other people and his manhood will be defined
Because with you, it’s just game and he’s trying to get another WIN
It just goes to show that there are a lot of guys but very few MEN.