FSU feeling the pain of severe budget cuts

Florida A&M University isn’t the only college in Tallahassee feeling the squeeze of a dwindling budget on its neck.

While one could argue that FAMU’s problems are slightly larger than Florida State University’s,  there is no denying that the school has a few problems. 

FSU is currently contemplating throwing out 21 majors. These programs, at least to the students involved with them, are important. 

Among the programs on the chopping block are Anthropology and German.  Anthropology currently has its own Facebook group trying to petition students to keep it alive.

Bombing areas of study out of existence is nothing new.  At least once a year one or two sequences  are on the chopping block.

But seriously, 21?  That’s a lot of students out in the cold, looking for another college that can offer them a major that they are willing to study.

Let’s think about this one for a second.  The state isn’t helping with the funding.  Where are the funds coming from?  One would think the students are paying the bills now.  Cutting programs that can attract more students is almost like cutting money isn’t it?

This is just thinking about the effect on students, there are also about 350 employees that will be out of the job.

So now that a pretty big state school is facing these kinds of devastating budget cuts, where does FAMU come into play?  If the state isn’t bothering to fund a school that is recognized around the nation, what is going to happen to the schools whose mascot isn’t a gator?

Well the logical explanation is that soon, we will be wiped out.  If education at large schools is not of paramount importance, then what is stopping the politicians from slashing entire smaller schools from their budgets?

Obviously this is a worse case scenario, but the simple fact that it is a possibility is a horrifying prospect. 

At the end of the day, schools deserve the funding.  Rich people do not need funding. 

Private interest groups do not need to be taken care of.  The banks can get some funding when they stop giving themselves private jets and bonuses. 

Make education a top priority, and watch how fast our crisis comes to an end.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.