Fascinating book also a disturbingly good read

“The Road” is the story of a father and son who both survive the apocalypse and can only live because of their love for each other. 

The author, Cormac McCarthy, paints a picture of a death-ridden, miserable experience that is both shocking and lovely at the same time.

In the “The Road,” characters experience unspeakable truths that are not suitable for all readers. I often found it hard to go straight asleep after reading a chapter or two.

The book is a disturbing piece of nonfiction that fans of Stephen King’s “The Stand” might appreciate.  The horror portions of the story leave lasting impressions, and the picture the author paints is both creepy and believable.

However, even though the imagery is disturbing, it’s still unforgettable imagery.

The possibility of death is so huge and apparent that you never know what is going to happen next. This manages to keep the suspense up but makes for a sorrowful read.

Every time it seems as though life in the novel can not get any worse, McCarthy throws something new into the mix.

There is constant struggle in the novel. The man and his son wander in search of food, shelter and other survivors.

Both the father and son live everyday as if they will not see tomorrow, and they slowly begin to forget the past and look ahead to a bleak and hopeless future.

“The Road” is not about the end of the world though. The main point is the father’s extreme devotion and love for his son.

The father, known affectionately by his child as “Papa,” claims his son is his only reason for staying alive, while many others have given up hope. The father is dedicated to the boy’s survival and his true unconditional love plays a major role in their continued existence.

Their relationship is heartfelt and beautiful. It is backed up by vivid images and examples of strength and horror.

“The Road” opened my eyes as to how far someone’s willing to go for someone else, even if it means death.

This novel comes highly recommended as The New York Times Best Book of the Year and a Pulitzer Prize winner.  Although the book is deserving of those awards, it’s pace and scary images make a great read that isn’t for everyone.
Ultimately, the reward for reading this book comes through in the ending.

The path reaching the goal is full of hardships, like the story, but in the end it is worth it.