Show to feature T-Pain’s father

Not many individuals are able to boast about having their own nationally syndicated talk show, but Brashaad Mayweather sure can.

The Fall 2008 business and marketing graduate is host of “Mayweather Live,” which airs locally on Comcast Channel 21, and throughout other markets nationally.

The Baltimore native said he is determined to accomplish his goals.

He offers a little advice to future graduates.

“Generally, I tell people to take control of your own destiny,” he said.  “Don’t limit yourself, because you can do anything you put your mind to.” 

A talk show is not the only thing on Mayweather’s list of accolades.

He has also written  his own book,  “Control or Be Controlled,” which can be found in local bookstores and on campus.

The book can also be ordered through

“Mayweather Live,” covers a broad range of entertainment and social issues. H.I.V. awareness, homosexuality, drug use, and other social faux pas are a commonplace on the show.

“It talks about controversial topics, the music industry and real life issues,” Mayweather said.

Aimed toward a younger audience, the matters voiced on the show captivate a diverse audience. 

The show also  features entertainment happenings and highlights up and coming artists.

Though the show has been successful, Mayweather said he is always looking for  local businesses as new sponsors.

He also extends an invitation to up and coming artists and students who wish to display their talents or social perspectives.

The next episode will feature up and coming Florida singer J-Luv, and discuss music moguls T-Pain and Akon.

Musical artist J-Luv will talk about his personal struggles as well as his upcoming album.

T-Pain’s father, Shaheed Najm, will talk about a financial dispute between his son and Akon. 

The show broadcasts at 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays on Comcast Channel 21. 

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