Love shouldn’t have boundaries

Sometimes my people can be so ignorant. Even the educated individuals.

Recently, there was a relationship seminar held on Florida A&M University’s campus.

During the discussion, the question about black men and white women created tension in the room.

Some people argued that blacks should not date outside their race. Instead, it was suggested that they preserve the good black men we have, and keep them within the community.

Basically, they don’t believe in interracial dating and hate the brothers who have the “fever.” It was almost the most ignorant thing I heard.

Here we are in 2009 and people still are against blacks dating outside their race. Sure, there are a lot of successful black men who date outside their race, but that’s their prerogative.     

I understand the black community may get upset with men who are dating outside of their race because the community wants to preserve the positive image of the black family.
But when good black men do venture out, other black people ostracize them. This is not fair to black men.

So do these same people disagree with the relationships that led to the creation of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry or Grammy-winning songstress Alicia Keys or our current president?

These people have made significant positive contributions to the Black community and if their parents hadn’t dated outside of their race, these same individuals would be non-existent.

For those people who want to keep successful black men in the community, they need to start being more accepting.

Build them up and stop putting them down so much. These critics fail to realize that they are pushing them away.  

Black women tend to be the most critical of these men. They always make assumptions and reject these “brothers” when they try to talk to them.

A black man should not be made to feel ashamed of his spouse. There are some men who won’t bring their significant others home because they are afraid of receiving negative reactions from family members.     

Love shouldn’t have race restrictions.

Stop being bitter about black men dating outside of their race, because you’re waiting for them and they are not waiting for you.

For men and women dating or interested in dating outside their race, love whomever your heart desires. There’s nothing wrong with the swirl.