Confused Love

Is it love or lust
Is being with her a must
Will my feelings change the next day
Or will it always stay the same way
Can I endure the rejection
But still display my affection
Sleepless nights, images of forsaken love
Misinterpreted feelings, of the forgotten and the regret
Will distraction misguide such love
Is it the chase or the catch
The journey of finding that one true love
The endless display of love
Will that love exist once it’s found
Or linger after such is found
Love is what you make it to be
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Until one truly understands love
Then it is confused love
True love is….
Endless thought of such
Wondering why you think of her so much
Feeling it was just meant to be
Wanting to show deep affection for all eyes to see
Wanting her love to intertwine with yours
Love is anything you want it to be
True love is everything it must be
Love is often confused with lust
True love is being with that someone is a must
Love is lowering one’s very expectations
True Love is….