Web site fails to grade all teachers accurately

Before anyone logs onto the Web site ratemyprofessor.com they should know exactly what they are getting into.

After browsing for my professors on this Web site and enrolling in their class, I was surprised to find out that this spring semester would be the most difficult one yet.

The problem is simple- students are not always consistent with the ratings. And this is very confusing for users.

On ratemyprofessor.com many professor’s rates vary, and usually only two sets of comments would be in an agreement. 

For instance, one professor could have two green faces, three yellow faces and three blue faces, and now a student  has to contemplate a decision.

Some students will leave comments saying, “Don’t take this professor because you will regret it.” But under that comment would be another one that praises the professor.

Now I know this Web site isn’t the only source I should rely on.

Recently, I began to take the advice of my peers and advisers in my major.

Networking is an efficient way to choose what professors to take. Anyone can simply ask the person next to them if they have taken the class and what professor they should take.

I realized that some students tend to use ratemyprofessor.com to vent out their anger.

They received an unpleasant grade in the class, and that professor is labeled the worst teacher on the face of the earth.

In many cases the students probably didn’t apply themselves as they should have and now it becomes the teacher’s fault for not cutting them any slack.

Students are easily influenced especially when they read that with a particular professor they do not have to attend class and they will still receive an A, so they automatically lock  hat professor’s name in.

At the same time some students take ratemyprofessor.com serious and consider it a dependable source.

Everyone should just keep in mind that ratemyprofessor.com is not 100 percent accurate.

So when a person is stuck with a teacher they would rather not have, they cannot blame it on the Web site because it doesn’t guarantee them anything.

Students just have to adjust to the professors and not the other way around.

Surely, many students have teachers that are not fair, but there are also ways around that.

Before blaming the professor ask yourself-Is there more that I could do?

Winnie Moime is a sophomore magazine production student from Pompano Beach. She can be reached at famuanopinions@gmail.com