Week addresses health concerns

Public Health Week begins Monday and Florida A&M University’s Future Public Health Professionals is encouraging students to experience several campus activities centered on health reform.

According to a press release, events will be held by FPHP and the Institute of Public Health in observance of the National Public Health Week.

One of several events will bring public health officials and other community members together to discuss issues surrounding health system reform.

The organization’s main event will be a town hall meeting on Tuesday with a panel of guests, including Surgeon General Ana Viamonte Ros.

The meeting will occur Tuesday evening at 7:15p.m. in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Blue Cross Blue Shield Auditorium in room 104.

Nicholas Jeffrey, 23, a first-year graduate student from Miami and president of FPHP said Ros will discuss the state of healthcare in America and what health reform actually means.

“I encourage students to come out to the town hall meeting, being active and come prepared to ask questions,” Jeffrey said.

The panel will discuss the ailing state of health care in the community and what local residents can do to remedy the problem.

Other guests that will be attending the events are, J.R. Richards, CEO of the Bond Community Health Center, and Homer Rice, director of Leon County’s health department.

Jeffrey is hopeful that students will make positive changes as a result of some of the events.

“My intentions are to make lifestyle changes to the students, they have control and power to have a healthier lifestyle, I encourage students to come out to the town hall meeting and let their voices be heard,” Jeffrey said.

The theme for the week is “Building the Foundation for a Healthy America,” and Jeffrey said the aim is to offer health awareness to students and the local community.

“Be empowered to taking control of your health, President Obama has made health a top priority,” Jeffrey said.

An open house will be held Monday for students who are interested in applying to the Institute of Public Health.

Jeffrey said students will also have an opportunity to learn about the requirements for graduate school.

Stacy Holmes, 20, said students should want to be involved because health is a major concern.

“I think this week is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of, (because) health is a big issue, even here on campus, (and) if you ever have a free opportunity to learn and do something about your health, it should be taken,” said Holmes, 20, a sophomore business administration student from Pompano Beach, Fla.

FPHP will be on The Set Wednesday educating students about water safety, where they will also be handing out free bottled water.

A viewing of the documentary “Supersize Me” will be held Thursday in room 104 of the new pharmacy building. Friday the organization will hold a health fair, and conclude their week on the Saturday Morning Show between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 90.5 FM.

For more information www.nthw.org or www.atha.org.