April Fool’s pranks can be cruel and unamusing

April Fool’s Day jokes seem to never go out of style.

Much thought and consideration is put into devising the perfect prank, and each year bystanders are hit.

We have all seen what Ashton Kutcher can do behind the scenes and how easily he can pull one over on the toughest of them all, but what happens when a prank goes a bit too far?

According to an article from USA Today, almost 500 people received acceptance emails into New York University’s graduate school.

The downfall?

None of those people were actually accepted.

Officials from the prestigious institution said that 489 people thought they had been accepted into the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

The emails were supposed to let the applicants know of their rejection and shortly after, a follow up had to be sent explaining the mistake.

NYU’s spokesman Robert Polner credited the mix up to a “clerical error.”

Polner said he apologizes and will put forth effort to prevent it from happening again.

It just seems odd that on April 1, the day known for pranks, fabricated emails were sent out to people simply trying to better themselves.

And since when are acceptances issued through email?    

Authentic letters of admittance, especially to a well-known university, are delivered in the mail.

Officials said it was a mistake, but it seems like too much of a coincidence to me.

It seems like a really bad April Fool’s joke that may have gotten out of hand.

College graduates cannot afford to get their hopes up and then suddenly be shattered into a million pieces-definitely not now, definitely not in this recession.  
Skyy Sandifer for the Editorial Board.