Ciara’s new look sparks debate

R&B artist Ciara entered her musical career singing “not my goodies,” and now it seems that she is giving up all of her goodies.

“My Goodies” portrayed Ciara’s innocence with lyrics in the song such as “you’re insinuating that I’m hot but these goodies boy are not.”

Recently, it seems difficult to believe that those words actually came out of her mouth.
Everyone knows that Ciara was young back then.

One could argue that several years later the songstress is now trying to grow into her womanhood.

But does womanhood necessarily have to  exert provocative actions?

Recently, Ciara has gone too far with her latest career venture.

For months we haven’t heard much from the talented star, then she emerged back on the scene with a new album and a new look. 

Her first single from this album was “Go Girl” featuring T-Pain. The video for this song is not crossing the line of decency, but it just looks as though Ciara has grown up. 

Her second single was nice, however it did seem as if she was digging in Beyoncé’s closet.

Because of this, a lot of people have begin to compare Ciara to Beyoncé.

Some people even say that Ciara is imitiating Janet Jackson.

But didn’t Janet start the whole provocative dancing?

In the “Never Ever” video she rocked the white tee and jeans along with the hardcore rapper in her video just like “B” did in her “Crazy in Love” video.

Even on the Web site, there are several photos that compare “The New Ciara,” to Beyoncé.

Has Ciara lost that style that she had when she first came into the game?

What happened to all of the energetic and flavorful dance moves?

Since she first started she has always been compared to Aaliyah. Even though her dance moves where similar to Aaliyah’s, she always seemed to shine and become herself.

Lately, that hasn’t been the case.

Ciara, the energetic performer, has really gone wild.

Surely every artist would like to have sex appeal as they mature but maybe CiCi is doing the most.

Her latest video with Justin Timberlake entitled “Love, Sex and Magic” is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. CiCi is showing her behind – literally.

I am not hating because she can do her thing, but she is truly over doing it. We all know she’s from Atlanta, but did she really have to act like she was at “Magic City” in her video.

And why is Justin Timberlake always around when our sisters are being exposed?

He was there with Janet Jackson and now he is the one slapping Ciara on the behind and biting her lip.

She was even featured nude on the cover of Vibe magazine, which is now the most talked about issue. She might as well have posed for Playboy.

Since people used to say she was a man, this could have been her way of saying “look at me, I’m not a boy.”

Who knows?

Maybe sex really does sell. But, I know there are many ways to give off sex appeal without looking raunchy and dirty.

If she is going to do it like Beyonce, the sister has better take good notes. 

Earlena Boswell is a magazine production student from Tallahassee.  She can be reached at