Gang’s violence hurt innocent

Gang violence is bad enough.

For the sake of a gang, families are torn apart, children are corrupted, and then those corrupted children are a part of a violent and counter-productive lifestyle, usually culminating in a violent death.

Gangs are troublesome enough when they’re killing each other. 

They could be doing other jobs. 

They could be working construction jobs, or being otherwise productive members of society.

Instead they choose to indulge in violence and destruction, doing what they want, when they want with little or no regard for the consequences. 

When the gang violence is contained among the gangs, this is only a minor nuisance.

While it’s impossible to condone death, violent people killing off equally violent people for the sake of violence aren’t what scare and anger mothers and fathers.

It’s violent people killing off the innocent that scare the world.

The innocent are the ones who suffer while the violent ones continue their ways.  People like Curtis Brown are lying motionless with their heads split by bullets.  Doctors are forced to tell parents that because of someone else’s stupid actions, their child is no longer here.

It’s unfair, it’s unneeded, and it makes next to no sense. Gangs tear through each other and the rest of the United States with alarming frequency, and since a random bullet can fly through anyone, the next innocent victim can be anyone.

Gang violence is no longer limited to gangs.  Gang violence has become world violence.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.