Man caught impersonating police

Apparently Halloween has come early this year.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Robert A. Johnson was arrested on Wednesday for pretending to be a law-enforcement officer. 

Impersonating policemen is nothing unheard of, but this is Johnson’s second time being arrested on the same charge. The first one was March 22, 2008.

Court records said that a woman reported that a strange man came to her neighbor’s house looking for her. He identified himself as a “military police officer” and asked for her telephone number.

Sounds a bit fishy but it was to fool the woman.

Johnson had a badge, whether it was fake or not, wasn’t said.    

Fortunately the neighbor had enough common sense to not give Johnson the phone number.

Instead, she called the woman and handed the phone to the man who asked if she knew that her son had been arrested.

Ultimately both neighbors agreed to alert the actual authorities. It turns out that Johnson actually has a history of impersonating officers.

In fact, the Democrat reported that he was arrested last year on four counts of impersonating a policeman and four counts of false imprisonment.

Needless to say, the man is crazy.

How somebody could gain pleasure from impersonating an officer of the law is a little worrying.

After being in trouble so many times, it’s a wonder that he hasn’t gotten it through his head to just quit.

Who knows?

Perhaps he will. Then again, maybe he won’t.

Jay Christie for the Editorial Board