Erica Butler

From the beautiful crab state of Maryland, Erica Butler was always destined for success. Growing up as the only child, she had time to tap into all clubs and activities such as Girl Scouts of USA, the biblical group AWANA, swimming, dance and music which led to her to attend a performing arts school, Thomas G. Pullen. “One of the most pivotal moments in my life was studying abroad,” Erica said. Through the People to People program, Erica was a student ambassador to Australia for a month. Erica said her experience in middle school tapped into her creativity and gave her the desire and skill to attend Eleanor Roosevelt High School, recognized as a Silver Medal School in 2008. There, she was in the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) program, which provided her with a passion to work in the media field. She was heavily involved with student television station at Roosevelt as well as the Debate Club, National Association for Black Engineers and student government. During her high school tenure, she was actively involved with the Washington Association of the National Association of Black Journalists for two years. She holds many positions on campus including, Precinct Supervisor for the Electoral Commission, Chair of Communications for the Sophomore and Junior Class Cabinet, News Editor for The Famuan and more. So far, she has landed internships with Congressman Albert Wynn D-MD on Capitol Hill, the  U.S.Department of Education and CBS in New York. She aspires to be a news producer, writer and a philanthropist.