Immigrants deserve fair deal

During the past few years, American citizens have faced many hardships due to the declining economy. 

President Barack Obama has strategized and developed laws in order to ensure a positive livelihood for all Americans.

Of the many debatable topics that weave into legislative conversation, is the slew of issues tied to illegal immigrants.

While Obama and his administration began to decide the fate of many illegal immigrants, the Wakulla County Jail officials and nonprofit law firms quarrel over the inadequate form of medical care that numerous illegal inmates face daily.

According to, the Wakulla County Jail was accused of disruption in medication that sometimes occurs when an U.S.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainee is transferred.

Wakulla County Jail officials are assuring the public that not all of the inmates are illegal, and although it may seem that their problems are caused by the illiteracy of the inmates and the lack of translators, it’s simply not true. 

The Wakulla County Jail has invested money into interpreters and many of their employees speak other languages fluently.

Although  $2 million was appropriated in the federal agency’s budget this year to undertake an immediate review of medical care of detainees, more action has to be taken.     

What type of nation would we be, if we treated individuals from other nations differently because of their status? 

In order to regain unity and respect from all, we must provide treatment for all people.

Letitia Skippings for the Editorial Board.