Violent crimes, acts becoming prevalent

A good chunk of the world seems to have lost its mind. 

The staggering amount of crimes committed in the past year has left even the strongest minds searching for answers. 

Violence, abuse, death, destruction; criminals seem to be evolving faster than the economy. 

It also looks like they’re making more money too.

Not all criminals are the shady stalkers women fear at night either. 

Business men, pop stars, even seemingly loving fathers have the potential to become psychotic criminals.

Case in point: Josef Fritzl. 

Here’s a man who locked his daughter up in a cellar for 24 years and fathered seven of her children, murdering one of them. 

In a recent statement, Fritzl claimed his motivation for such an appalling series of crimes was “to taste forbidden fruit” and to have a “normal family.”

Crime has always been a part of society, but crimes these days have reached an almost sickening level of violence and depravity. 

Decapitations in Canada, rape and incest in Austria, domestic beatings here in America, everyone seems like they’re trying to become the next infamous psycho.

The worst part is that every criminal believes they are justified in their actions. 

Chris Brown was able to apologize to a forgiving public and even Fritzl pleaded his case and is going to an insane asylum instead of prison where he belongs. 

It looks like the world has just accepted deplorable as the norm.

And New Mexico chooses now to throw out the death penalty.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.