Fun in sun makes students forget

For many students spring break was an opportunity to hit the beach and enjoy one more vacation before the semester’s end.

 Some went to Miami, others went to Destin and even more went to Panama City.

Although we can all agree that soaking up the sun and getting your tan on is expected, I definitely didn’t expect for so many students to spend their break in Panama City.

In fact, I distinctly remember students of this university taking a stand and boycotting that specific beach after the infamous Martin Lee Anderson case began.

Martin Lee Anderson, a 14-year-old detainee at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Boot Camp, was beaten by officials and died a day later two year ago.    

Students flooded the streets and marched in an effort to effectuate change and get government officials to take notice of this heinous act, which was even caught on tape.

There were sit-ins, meetings, more marches and T-shirts made after the eight defendants that were accused of being responsible for Anderson’s death were all given not guilty verdicts.

And two years later students are still skipping off to the same city of people that saw fit to free eight guilty people who beat a young man to death.

Students thought it was fine to invest all their hard earned money into a city that doesn’t care about killing young black boys in boot camps.

What happened to taking a stand?

Weren’t we supposed to inform the new generation of incoming Rattlers so they can join us in that stance?

The horrible incident that happened to Anderson could happen to any of us.

Wouldn’t you want people to take a stand for you?

Especially if it only means driving a little further to find another beach.

Yewande Addie for the Editorial Board.