Food stop looks like ‘magic’

The former Orange Room a convenient spot for on campus dining reopened Wednesday after $900,000.00 of renovations. The eating spot has been closed since Summer of 2007.

“The opening day was a blast, I enjoyed it,” said staff member Latonya Wilson. “Everybody said our service was great,”

Owned by NBA player Magic Johnson, SubConnection Magic’s menu offers an array of dishes.

Food Services Manager, Lynn Ward shared some options for diners to indulge in, “We serve subs, wraps and salads.”

Chris Stakes, 24, second year graduate political science student from D.C. said he thought it was nice that Magic Johnson chose to place his restaurant at Florida A&M University.

“I like the fact that Magic Johnson is giving back to the community,” Stakes said.
Students and faculty were pleased with the entrees’ and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

“I like that it has both the grill and the subs,” said Terri Smith, a university employee.

“It’s my first time in here since it’s been open,” said Leslie Pannell, 21, a junior biology student from Jacksonville. Pannell, ordered a burger and fries and said the food was inexpensive, however others disagreed.

Chyanne Robbins, 19, a sophomore pre-dentistry student from Fort Lauderdale, said the food was a bit pricey.

“Maybe it’s because of Magic Johnson’s name I think it’s nice,” said Robbins.

“It was good,” Pannell said. “They could make the buns smaller. You could get fooled by the burger, but it was still pretty good and filling.”

Paula Johnson, a FAMU employee, said she loved working at SubConnection Magic.

“I love it,” Johnson said. “It’s been going good so far. It’ll be more crowded when people know it’s opened.”

The restaurant only accepts cash, although they eventually plan on accepting all meal plans.

“A couple of people were disappointed about cash only,” Wilson said.