Everyone deserves healthcare

It’s a nightmare every time my throat begins to itch; an internal battle within my body.  My conscious is forcing my immune system to fight. Being sick is my fear. I dread going to the doctor’s office because like millions of Americans, paying the bill at the end of my doctor’s visit is not an option. 

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, as of 2007, nearly 46 million Americans did not have health insurance. The current recession prohibits many companies from providing their employees with the luxury of that benefit. This leaves individuals enduring painful toothaches or unbearable back pains.

Many countries like Canada, Cuba and France have already adopted universal health care systems. In fact, the United States is the only wealthy country that does not have a widespread system.  We have some of the greatest medical practitioners. However, many families are suffering because they can’t afford to pay a medical bill.

But what’s stopping the U.S. congress from providing medical assistance to its citizens? Perhaps it is the $50 billion that goes to advertising for health insurance. We’re a per capita country. We don’t care about the well being of our citizens. It’s all about the money. The Clinton administration tried to impose broader health solutions, but that health care plan was defeated in 1994. Now President  Obama seeks to improve America’s health care system.

Most governments pay a large percentage, while taxpayers fund the remainder of health care for its population. Many conservatives disagree with making health care affordable or free to all citizens.  Many taxpayers believe everyone should carry their own weight, and in some cases they have a point.  However, health care is a necessity.

Every American deserves decent medical attention regardless of their income. Health insurance wasn’t important to me until I had to pay out of my pocket to get a tooth pulled. And my story, is just the lighter side of not having insurance. My heart goes out to all the Americans who are diagnosed with cancer but don’t have the money for chemotherapy, and to  those who can’t receive medical attention because they don’t have the monetary funds.

Hopefully fed-up Americans keep this issue on the minds of legislators until something changes. What’s “change” without health care for all Americans?