Action star discusses latest movie

Eight years ago one movie took street racing, pulse pounding action, and highly customized cars to a whole new level.

The movie built on speed and intensity has become a worldwide phenomenon, and next month, “Fast & Furious” will do it again- this time with an original cast member on board, Vin Diesel.

“Fast & Furious,” the fourth movie in the series, returns to Los Angeles and reunites the four original characters, according to a press release on the film.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster team up once again for the “ultimate chapter of the adrenaline-fueled franchise.”

Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner are played by Diesel and Walker respectively.
Putting their rivalry aside, Dom and Brian are forced to work together in confronting a drug kingpin polluting the states with illegal substances.

Dom and Brian must acquire a new level of trust to defeat their mutual enemy, and the only way, is to reach all new heights behind the wheel.

From driving through barely navigable tunnels and caves to battles across the Mexican desert, this film literally pushes the pedal to the limits.

In anticipation of the upcoming film, Diesel granted interviews to several Historically Black Colleges and Universities about the movie and gave his personal opinion about the latest installment.


1. How do you feel about the movie’s overall success? It has made more than $600 million worldwide?

In the beginning I had no idea it would be like this. It’s really cool though, but I have been guilty of creating franchises before. Initially, it isn’t our intention to think about sequels and how much money we could make. Going into it, the sole objective is to make the movie as complete as possible. But there is something special [in this film]. The characters speak to the culture making them want to see more. I’m flattered.

2. What makes this installment any better than the previous movies?

I do not think in terms of if the movie is better than the others. The purpose is to continue the story of the very first one with as much integrity as possible. This one does a really good job of moving forward with what you fell in love with at the beginning. I cannot comment on if it is any better, but I can say that it is a true, true continuation, which is the highest praise.

3. What are your expectations?

As far as expectations, that is more of a studio concern. They are more concerned about sales and how much revenue the movie brings in. For me, it’s about the manifestations of the film. My main concern is, if you see it, will you appreciate it? I am a perfectionist and I want to put out the best picture possible. I will be content as long as the movie is effective.

4. What is your experience as a producer for this installment?

It was incredible. Universal was so generous with me. I have been managing a film school in the Dominican Republic for the last three years, and they allowed me to use students in the program as staff and crew for the film. Being a producer allowed me to shape direction and raise the bar. A secret of mine while performing is to do whatever I can to make everyone else shine. The spirit was great in production and as long as everyone shines, the experience will be positive and successful.