Law students petition for funding

The Student Bar Association addressed the senate Monday night, regarding Activity and Service money that they have yet to receive.

“Being that we’re at the law school, we’re at a fragile situation because now it’s nearing the end of the semester and we have our big events coming up and we don’t have our funds,” said Vice President of SBA, James Simmons.

According to Senate President Ricquel Jackson, SBA, which is located on FAMU’s College of Law campus in Orlando, is waiting on the spring release of the A&S funds. Two releases are made each year to various organizations.

“It (release of funds) varies and it depends on the administration placing the money into their account,” Jackson said.  “It doesn’t take long at all.”

SBA’s President, Clinton Cagle said that the money used to pay off debts from last fall’s SBA events left them without enough money to pay for upcoming events.   

“One of my goals this year as president was to kind of clean up and make sure that nothing was left for next year for the next president of SBA, as far as debts because it seems like some of the things in the past have been inherited,” Cagle said. “I’ve inherited some debts that have been paid out by this year’s A&S (fees).”

Cagle said he checked the SBA account last week and no money had been posted.

He said he has not checked since then because personnel from accounting have been out of town.

“I know at the beginning of last week, the money hasn’t dropped,” Cagle said.  “But we have a few important events we have coming up and right now the funds we currently have from last semester is not going to cover it.”

Simmons explained the importance of getting the money into the account on time.

“I’m asking if I can have a voice in here that will push that (allocation of the A&S funds) forward. We’re four hours away and its kind of hard to carry on day-to-day business when you don’t have the funds to do so,” Simmons said.

Jackson said that SBA would receive roughly $30,000.

Other business discussed at the senate meeting included nominations for Senate Pro Tempore and Senate President.

For Senate President, Quintin Haynes, and Asia McFarland were nominated

For Pro Tempore, Kamilia Landrum, and Eric Majors were nominated.

Elections for the position will be March 30.

Furthermore, Jackson encourages students to come to the next senate meeting, as their special guest will include FAMU President James Ammons, Director of Facility Planning and Construction Sam Houston and Commissioner Andrew Gillum.

Also, the Coleman Library Showcase has been moved to March 31.