Spring Break Plans

Students all over campus weigh in on their Spring Break plans and how they came about.

 “My friends and I will return to Panama City like last year. We traveled down to get a little rest and relaxation. I stopped going home my sophomore year. My parents told me that while I am in school, Tallahassee is my home.”
 – JanMichael Hargrett, 22, senior, criminal justice, Tampa.

 “I did absolutely nothing last year for spring break, but this year I’m going to Daytona. I’m older now, so I can get up and go. Most of my friends are older and have cars. When I lived at home it was much easier for my parents to keep a hold on me, but now that I’m 18, I feel a little better about being able to go out and do as I please.”
– Kristen Hayman, 18, freshman, business administration, Orlando.

“Last year I went home. I had a blast being home with all of my family and friends. But this year, unfortunately, I won’t be able to. I cannot afford to go anywhere and I have to stay in Tallahassee. It’ll be tough, but that’s the way things work out sometimes. “
– Janae Perry, 20, junior, business administration, Largo, MD.