Campus prepares for visit

This upcoming fall, the university will implement a five-year program to meet with accreditation standards.                  

“We will find out in December if we have been reaffirmed,” said Rosalind Fuse-Hall, the president’s office liaison to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.         

The Quality Enhancement Plan, also known as the QEP, is a requisite for the university so they will meet with measures set by SACS. The requirements for the QEP will be met through in-class initiatives like writing critical essays in English courses and analyzing case studies in African-American history.

A summer reading list and a seminar series comprise the out-of-class initiatives for the plan. To spread the word about the plan, the administration held a QEP rally on The Set and had an informational meeting for students in the Rattler’s Nest.

FAMU will be up for reaffirmation of accreditation on March 9, during spring break and students have mixed feelings about the decision of the committee choice of date. As the university is in its last stage of reaffirmation, only two things will be reviewed: focus reports and the QEP.

In the two-day process, the SACS committee will interview faculty, staff and students. According to Fuse-Hall, students can anticipate questions from SACS such as, “Do you feel like you’re getting a quality education?” and “Do you feel that your administrators are qualified?”

Maurice Edington, director of QEP said if the university fails to receive accreditation, FAMU could no longer receive financial aid from the government.            

“Accreditation is the life blood of the university, it’s what gives your degree its value,” Edington said.                                           

In preparation for reaffirmation, Fuse-Hall said students must be knowledgeable of  QEP to help with accreditation.”Students need to know why FAMU is important to them,'” she said.

More details can be found on a board at the corner of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street.   
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