Rattler Chatter: Be Heard

Story: FAMU funded D.C. trip

Feb. 18, 2009


I’m happy to see the students exercise their responsibility as members of the legislative branch. I hope that they will see their audit request and demand to have funds properly allocated by the “body.” Don’t be deterred by university administration or the current SGA leadership even if you have to litigate.   

It’s your funds and it should be used to support all student activities and needs.

Story: SGA president spending scrutinized


Feb. 27, 2009

-Enraged Rattler
…It’s about time someone is holding SGA presidents accountable. Funds spent on wardrobe should be made public for all position, including the royal court…

Story: Flier exposes secret organization


Feb. 20, 2009

Incredible! Follow-up is needed on this story before we decide if its fact or fiction.
We as students of this elite university should investigate for ourselves then make an intelligent and informed opinion of this secret organization without bias.

Sororities and fraternities have secrecy within themselves so the possibility of this organization being true is not shocking.