High fuel costs deter spring break travelers

Expensive air flights have discouraged some students from traveling this spring break.  

According to the most recent Bureau of Transportation Statistics, passengers flying on U.S. airlines in October fell by 4.6 million, to 59.6 million.

Dave Trethaway, the station manager for US Airways Express at Tallahassee Regional Airport, said the BTS reported fuel costs affect the price most.

“Due to rising fuel cost we have tried to curb baggage charges,” Trethaway said.
US Airways has made $400 million in profits due to baggage charges.

Some students such as Annye McCullough, 23, said their spring break plans are contingent on money. 

“Last spring break I went to California, this time I needed to stay a little closer to home,” said the fourth-year pharmacy student from Fort Lauderdale.  I need budget my money.”

Josh Franks, 20, a second year agricultural business student from Leesburg, said the recession will not hinder his travel plans during the break.

“I have plans to go to Panama, and the economy is not going to stop me from going,” Franks said.

 Other students are staying in town to make extra money by working.

“I’m not making enough money to pay bills and take a vacation,” said Christina Williams, 24, an English education student from Chicago.

Some students are cutting cost by traveling to closer cities like Panama City.

“It’s cheaper because we’re splitting gas and staying with friends who live in these areas,” McCullough said.