Looking for answers in a musical family’s tragedy

On Wednesday morning, Pablo Jose Amador, a Miami music teacher, “loving” husband and father took the lives of his wife, two youngest daughters and then his own, according to the Associated Press.

Luckily his 16-year-old son, Javier and a college -aged daughter were not victims of this heinous “act of love.”

Javier was able to escape the fatal shootings uninjured, and called the police as he was fleeing the gory scene.

One can only imagine how this young man must have felt after witnessing the murders of two-thirds of his immediate family members.

That moment will have a damaging affect on his future.

Amador, who was a well known musician and neighborhood piano teacher in Miami, was said to be a “marvelous person and a tremendous professor.”

The people who knew the Amador family said they were a very talented family and on many occasions music could be heard coming from their home.

A neighbor said that when you walked into their home you could feel the “peace.”

A man does not just snap and kill his family.

The only people who can shed light on the life they lived, is the Amador family.

Unfortunately most of them will never be able to express their feelings.

The neighbors are talking about how wonderful Amador was, but they really don’t know what he might have been like to live with.

As the investigation progresses, I hope that a logical explanation for the deaths of this family is presented.

Leontyne Mason for the Editorial Board.