Black Like Me

Oooh weee honey, you seen my man?
Yeah him ova dere, da one black like me
Big lips like me, big heart, big hands and big feet
Dem big hands grip my big hips and then we,
We don’t make love
We make up our minds to be dedicated to loving each other mo’ with passing time
One hour, two hours, hell maybe three, you can smell him on My skin
His love all over me
You see my man? Baby, He black like me
Larger than life, more than a husband , and I’m more than a wife
I’m what Jeeeesus intended
The Adam to my Eve
Only I’m not temptation
I’m what he been anticipating
Delicate & strong, pretty as a peach & sweet as an orange
Smooth as butter, brown as mahogany,
Heaven is the only other place he’d rather be
Than beside his woman, inside his woman, he guides this woman into a greater destiny
So when I asked God for a man
I asked God that he understands where I have been and everything I am
That He clothed him with pride and decency, dedication and loyalty, make him all the things a king should be but lawd most of all
Make him black like me