Travel sets students apart and expands horizons

Will a nearly perfect sashay boost the probability of strolling out of the career expo with a job offer? It may sound foolish, but the time and efforts many Florida A&M students devote to such activities while on the Hill would lead one to assume these activities increase the likeliness of employment. If that is the case then, by all means, have at it; otherwise, continue reading.

A HBCU exposes one to the black experience and this is important, grade school education did not include any black influence other than no school for MLK day. However, knowledge of your own culture doesn’t constitute as a multi-cultural experience. Traveling to other countries, interacting with the inhabitants, learning their language and culture will boost interest from employers.

Whether on the floor of a career expo or applying for a job post graduation, students that have international experience provide employers an appealing skill. It shows a willingness and ability to adapt to diverse environments and cultures. An employer knows the applicant with international experience has had exposure to different concepts and can provide new perspectives to a position than other applicants.

When people travel to other countries the language is at least grasped. The adaptation of a second language allows one to effectively translate information across language barriers and increases the value of any degree. It also looks great on a resume.

The director of FAMU’s study abroad program is Karen Mitchell. She and the rest of the staff are eager to assist students in choosing a country that best fits his or her interest and finding different ways to fund the trip. Students have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world during any semester to study.

Aside from studying abroad, internships can be found through individual colleges that allow students to work and train in other countries. Internships abroad offer the ability to learn and network with professionals from across the world. And for those seeking a good job, especially minorities, any opportunity should be taken.

Unless holding people up in the parking garage and barraging students with the latest gossip is going to remedy the long faces of the jobless when graduation time rolls around, stop it. Apply that same effort towards something that could actually improve the chances of employment and enrich the quality of life.

Antonio Rosado is a junior magazine student from Gainesville. He can be reached at