Youth should be taught lessons about violence

People have either forgotten what their parents taught them as kids, or they just weren’t listening in the first place. 

One of the first lessons any child is taught is violence never solves anything.

Children are taught that hitting is unacceptable and that any problem can and should be solved with words.

Most kids take that lesson to heart and live without giving or receiving so much as a black eye.

Others completely disregard this all-important lesson.

Violence in the United States seems to be a common solution for even the most minimal problems.  Instead of letting something that is truly unimportant slide, everyone is quick to throw a punch or find a gun or decapitate someone.

Yes, people are still decapitating each other, usually for something as silly as relationship problems. 

In the past two months, CNN has reported three separate decapitation cases – two female and one male, all of them relationship issues.

People overreacting to snags in relationships have been a central news issue for some time, and recently it seems to be getting out of hand. 

Just take a look at On any given day there’s about three to four stories with over-the-top murder or violence in response to a bad break up or infidelity.

Sometimes the violence doesn’t even come from a relationship-ending mistake.  Innocent people get hit for forgetting to unplug the iron.

The world needs to know that killing and violence are not the answers to issues that don’t involve nuclear warheads. 

The world is violent enough; relationships don’t need to be too.

Someone needs to deliver that memo to Chris Brown.
Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.