The spread of modern racism

Two topics that seems to forever plague American society are race and heritage. From the theft of this land from Native Americans, all the way to the atrocities of the slave trade, hatred has definitely divided our society. 

The Irish, Italians and Jews underwent harsh treatment upon their arrival to America at the turn of the twentieth century. 

There is an ongoing verbal assault against Latinos and blacks of Haitian descent today.
Among the arguments that top the list is that immigrants are cheap to hire, can’t drive and bring disease.

However, one does not have to dredge up past incidents for examples of racism.  It is alive and flourishing today in Tallahassee. Bigotry and stereotypes circulate through Florida A&M University, grace the walkways of Florida State University and echo throughout Tallahassee Community College.  In fact, racial discrimination on all fronts has slowed the evolution of Tallahassee.  

Why are all the clubs in Tallahassee geared towards different races?

It has become a common practice for people to refer to Friday’s at Baja’s as “white night.”  The Saturdays are called “black night” or “urban night.” Why can’t people of all races who share the same interests “vibe” with each other on any night? 

One would be completely ignorant to believe that everyone in their race cares about progression.  Some of your most dangerous enemies lurk in your inner circle. 

It would be just as careless to assume that all other races are adversaries.  You might pass up your soul mate because you closed the doors on a different race.

Instead of referring to an associate of a different color as “my white or black friend,” why not just call them your friend?

If that person has your back and holds you down like they should, then that is all that matters. True friendship, honor and loyalty are lacking in society across the whole color spectrum.

As much as we all cry about racism and how it is prevalent in our society, let’s take more steps to end it.

Every time we utter a stereotype we set the cause of equality backwards. Every black person is not a “gangster,” just as every white person is not “square.” Every black individual does not smoke blunts and drink forties, and every white individual doesn’t snort coke and listen to heavy metal.

Acknowledging and respecting the idiotic labels and stereotypes concocted by previous generations hinders our forward progression. 

It is a new day in America. Though we cannot remove the tarnish that covers our history books, we can certainly write fresh new pages. 

We are all humans who have the same common goals. In no way, shape or form does hating the next human’s skin tone benefit their attainment.  

Besides, we all turn the same color when we get put into the ground.

Life is too short.

Love each other.
Aaron Drucker is senior newspaper student from Miami. He can be reached at