College fights to stay afloat

Officials from Morris Brown College have reached an agreement with Watershed Management Department to pay the remainder of a past due water bill within 30 days.

Morris Brown owes a total of $214,000 that was due Feb. 17, but after gathering $150,000 Watershed decided to extend the due date 30 days to pay the remaining $65,000

According to Watershed Management spokesperson Janet Ward, Morris Brown’s water bill was an accumulation of unpaid previous bills.

“For a long time the city court let them skate by,” Ward said. “They haven’t paid in a long time, that’s why it’s so high.”

If officials fail to pay the remainder of the bill within the 30-day period, the university’s water will be shut off.

Ward said she was unsure how Morris Brown gathered the large amount of money in such a short time, but is satisfied they managed to find a way.

“We’re happy at the fact that they came up with the $150,000,” Ward said. “Students, and alumni, and faculty all pitched in to make calls.”

According to an article published by there are 160 students enrolled at Morris-Brown.

The students helped raised $6,000.

The Web site reported that Atlanta council members helped with negotiations, and noted civil rights leaders such as the Rev. C.T. Vivian have been on the radio, making personal appeals and calling around the country to help save the college.