Center offers more than just fitness

Florida A&M University’s recreation center is one of the most popular places for students to visit, relax and have fun on campus.

Since the recreation center opened in the summer of 2006, many students make an effort to enjoy a good work out on a weekly basis.

Most students do not only enjoy the recreation building’s equipment, but also they enjoy the energy bar, group exercise studio, locker and shower facilities, resistance and cardiovascular training areas, and the spinning classroom for the physically challenging.

Lenore West, 21, a senior psychology student from Miami has grown fond of the center.

“I love the machines because they work well, and the facility is nice and clean,” West said.
 Since the recreation center is catering to college students, the radio is always playing hip-hop music to help students relax while they work out.

“I can enjoy my workout because I love the atmosphere, and the workers are helpful,” West added.

Many students prefer to go to the recreation center  on Mondays and Tuesdays because they said the majority of students will be there.

Gei-Nam Lim, an associate director of the recreation center, agreed.

“Mondays and Tuesdays are the days where we get about 600 students,” Lim said.

Monday is always busier than Tuesday and then as the days go by, the number decreases.
Lim said the recreation center is not only a good place for students to attain a decent work out, but also it is also good for drawing in recruitment and enrollment

“This center is great for recruitment, retention and enrollment,” he said.  “I often hear students say they want to stay here for graduate school because they like the recreation center.”

The recreation center also hosts conferences and meetings.

Lim said this past weekend, the 18th Annual Emerging Recreational Sports Leaders Conference was held at the facility.

“The recreation center is always having special events,”  Lim said. “We are doing special events with 90.5 in March, and we are also doing a special event with the Upsilon Psi chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.”

Employees said with all the activities going on at the center they love working there.

“I like working here because I see every body working here, and it is a youthful environment,” said Dejenabra Bland, 20, a pharmacy student from Miami, who works in customer service.

Lim said while the recreation center makes everyone happy, he encourages individuals to maintain good, healthy habits.

“We will teach them about health, living a healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellness,” he said.