Students have little options for delivery

Over the weekends many freshmen make the decision to stay in and order some food rather than go out; they consider that an okay night.

However they have one set back when they are asked, “Where would you like that delivered?”

Gumby’s Pizza is located on 623 W. Tennessee St. That’s only 2.35 miles from Florida A&M University’s dorms, or about five minutes away.

Although five minutes isn’t a long time, it’s long enough for Gumby’s not to deliver to FAMU’s campus. Florida State University is about six minutes away from FAMU, and Gumby’s Pizza delivers to the campus and even gives them a special Web site.

Students at FSU have their own special deals, while FAMU students only have access to the carry out menu.

Gumby’s Pizza is not the only restaurant that doesn’t deliver to FAMU.

They are open from Sunday to Sunday and not one minute from their schedule is given to the car-less freshmen at FAMU.

A Papa John’s employee said, “We never have problems delivering to the campus.” While, employees from Pizza Hut said, “FAMU is an unsafe place to deliver, and students occasionally call in an order as a joke.”

Is it really FAMU students that bring this upon themselves or are the companies at fault?

An employee at Gumby’s Pizza answered their phone and I asked, “Why doesn’t Gumby’s deliver to FAMU’s campus?” He replied, “It’s too far, we have a certain map set out, and that’s basically why.” Then I called back and asked if they deliver to College Club Apartments on Adams St, which is approximately five minutes south of FAMU, the same man replied yes and asked for my phone number.
Something isn’t right about this.

I lived on campus my freshmen year, and FAMU didn’t strike me as a violent area that should not have many options for delivery.

Now that I’m seeing it from another perspective, I find myself asking the question, is FAMU dangerous?

There is nothing so dangerously threatening about FAMU’s campus that should keep a restaurant from delivering to it.

Immature residents that engage in something so childish as threatening people who are just doing their jobs, should stop messing things up for the rest of the campus residents who are tired of the cafeteria food and want to have an exciting night in.

Winnie Moime is a second year magazine student from Pompano Beach.  She can be reached at