Tattoos not symbols of love or promise

We’ve all seen it. Mostly from girls and, every once in a while a guy trying to prove himself will do it too. 

It’s usually not thoroughly considered, and this requires much more reflection.

I’m talking about tattoos.

People will get their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name branded on their bodies-permanently, in ink, in other words, set in stone.

So, what do I think? Getting name tattoos is stupid-point blank.

It makes no sense, and I can’t bring myself to understand how that person’s name tattooed will somehow signify their love that much more.

However, I do understand how people can get completely lost in one another and think they will be together forever, but is that traded for rationality and common sense? I have heard too many regrets and “I wish I wouldn’t have done that” stories. They have engaged in the foolishness and now their relationship is completely non-existent.

There are so many other ways to show compassion and loyalty without matching name tattoos.

And if or when the relationship turns sour,what happens then? Was that possibility discussed when the idea came about? Can the name simply be erased?  Can you go to the parlor and tell them you changed your mind?

No. It’s not that easy.

Instead, you are constantly reminded of a failed relationship and the hurt that comes along with it.  Every time you look at it and every time a person asks about it, you’ll have to shamefully explain. And even if you think you won’t ever regret it, why put yourself through that? Why have that kind of memory of a connection that clearly wasn’t strong enough?

No relationship is destined to last forever, and even if it is, tattoos are a tacky way to show that devotion.  That person, whom you care for so deeply and have so much love for deserves more.

There are several ways to remove an unwanted tattoo. Many of which are ridiculous and painful, and aren’t guaranteed to work. There is always laser removal, which is the procedure celebrities use. And unless you can match a celebrity’s bank account, which many probably can’t because we’re college students, that tattoo will remain a reminder of something you want to forget.  

But everyone is different and to each its own. I guess that’s just a part of living and learning.

Skyy Sandifer is a third-year magazine production student from Miami.  She can be reached at