FAMU grad sues Tallahassee

Today many people have lost all respect for police officers. 

While there are many officers of the law that are actually doing their jobs, there still exist a select few who feel that they are above the law. 

Police officers are held to a high standard, which is to protect and serve but. After watching movies similar to “American Gangster,” which was based on a true story, it makes it difficult to believe that all cops are here for the right reasons. 

And it makes it exceedingly difficult for this nation to progress when the same story arises in the media, only with a different person arrested. 

This weekend the Tallahassee Democrat reported that a Florida A&M University graduate is suing the city of Tallahassee and four Tallahassee police officers, saying the officers made up evidence to get a warrant for his 2005 arrest on burglary charges, when he was a student, according to court documents.

Jay Smith was arrested on charges of burglary but we’re not going to add the fact that he is a black man.

Although, the police officers believe that he is the person that committed this crime the aid of investigation is proving otherwise. 

The officers said that there was pennies leading to Smith’s apartment but, the owner of the cash register said that their register didn’t have any pennies in it at the time it was stolen. 

Also, the Tallahassee Democrat noted that the eyewitness said he just picked someone from the lineup because he felt “compelled” to do so.

It seems that every time someone tries to excel in life some inevitable event arises. But why does it have to come from the law enforcers?

Kwamae Simpkins for the Editorial Board.