Close game but no glory

Poor shooting and turnovers in the second half caused the lady Rattlers to lose on the road, to Morgan State 63-53 in front of 349 fans.

The first half of play was in favor of the Bears although the Rattlers only trailed by a basket.

The game seemed evenly matched because both teams had already exchanged the same number of points from the field by the start of the second half. 

The point spread began once the Rattler offense increased their turnover to basket ratio allowing the Bears to gain a small edge on the score.           

Despite the Bears’ first half success from the free throw line, the Rattlers had an overall better shooting percentage.

On defense, the lady Rattlers executed on all cylinders especially in the paint out rebounding the Bears 56-39.

The turning point of the game occurred when the Bears Kristina Rosario went on a small hot streak, leading her team with 16 points.

The lady Rattlers’ second half shooting performance displayed their lack of offensive consistency.

Entering the second half, the ladies showed a decreased level of intensity as the Bears started to stretch their miniature lead. 

Senior guard Deidra Jones was the high point lady of the night scoring 20 points while grabbing a game high 11 rebounds of the backboard.   

Behind Jones was senior guard Stephanie Foster who added to the team total with 15 points of her own.

Freshman guard Antonia Bennett almost finished the night with a double-double scoring 10 points at the same time earning 9 rebounds.

Following the game, the ladies denied to comment.  The Rattlers next match is against Coppin State.

Their last game against Coppin State in January, resulted in a 50-54 loss.
Deidra Jones led the Rattlers with 15 points.

Hopefully, her perfomance can be repeated or even improved this time around to secure a win for the Rattlers.