One busy adviser always finds the time for students

As the head academic adviser for Florida A&M University, Lisa Lang has been with FAMU for quite a while. 

Lang arrived on FAMU’s campus 31 years ago and has been with the school ever since.
Garnering numerous awards and accolades, Lang received her bachelor’s degree in education from the university and later obtained a doctorate in human science at Florida State University.

She also holds a master’s in public administration from FAMU.
Lang said she helps at least 30 or 40 students a day. That does not include those who wait but end up leaving for personal reasons.

There are days when students can walk past the advisement office she works in and meet a line of people that are there to see her.
Lang said she is accustomed to this. However, she also said that at times it can be a bit daunting.

“At times my work does get overwhelming when I have a plethora of students waiting to be advised, and I have a meeting to attend in the next twenty minutes,” said Lang, who is also a proud member of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Lang said she does take the time to listen to students, no matter how small the problem may be.

To help lighten the load is Lindy Williams, Lang’s assistant.
Williams works closely with Lang and said that she is a very reliable person.

“Dr. Lang has a lot of patience,” Williams said. “[She] always keeps her cool, she’s a very dependable person, and she really tries to help the students.”
Williams said she keeps up with Lang’s schedule as much as possible to keep things simple for her.

Karen Parker, an adviser, said Lang is good at her job.

“Dr. Lang is a caring administrator,” she said.

“She goes beyond the call of duty to assist her employees, and she has a kind heart and a loving spirit. Dr. Lang has a plethora of duties that she performs, however, she will do whatever she can to help a student, even, take other advisor’s students temporarily.”
Students also said they are impressed with Lang’s work ethic. Dominique Shaw is one such student.

Shaw, a graduate student from Marion, S.C., said, “Although she isn’t my advisor, Dr. Lang has helped with a few my scholastic endeavors,” said Shaw, 22.

“I truly respect her as a person and for the demanding work she does day in and day out.”
 Lang said that her work is “a labor of love.” She also said that the students and her love for the Lord is what keeps her coming back every day.

” My mother is a dedicated hardworker, just like the FAMU model- She strikes, strikes, and strikes again,” said her son Brent Lang, 20, a third-year business administration student from Tallahassee.
Lang is a firm believer in helping students acheive their goals.
She said that helping students with their academics is her calling.