Best And Worst Love Songs

1.  “You” | Jesse Powell

“No matter what, that song makes me feel good, and that’s how I want someone to make me feel.” – Sheerie Edwards

2.”Sweet Love” | Anita Baker

“This song is what a love song is all about. It’s a classic..”.  – Monique Smith

3.”Song for You” | Donnie Hathaway

“It captures the true essence of love and  you know that it comes from the heart. The lyrics bring the emotion to life.”
 – Whitney Boggs

4.”Never Felt This Way” | Brian McKnight

“If you have ever been in a relationship where you just realize this person was the one you love, you can relate. The lyrics describe that feeling of being loved.” – Stefanie Hall

5.  “Chante’s Got a Man” | Chante Moore

“In 20 years this song won’t even matter.”- Whitney Boggs

6. “Nobody” | Keith Sweat

“Throughout the whole song he is whining.” – Shernae Lee

7.  ” I Wanna Sex You Up” | Color Me Badd

   “This song is about lust, not love. It doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.” -Sheerie Edwards

8.  ” Sorry for 2004″ | Ruben Studdard

“That song clearly only lasted through 2004.” – Stefanie Hall