Valentine’s not just for lovers

It’s that time again, when loved ones can be forgiven for any wrong they’ve done because they picked up flowers, a card and some chocolates. It’s February 14th and we celebrate this day by letting the people who we love know they’re appreciated.

Most people don’t even know the history of Valentine’s Day.

I’m fond of the whole cupid story and his love striking bow and arrows, but why do we have to wait until Valentine’s Day to let the special people in our lives know that we love them? I personally think Valentine’s Day is stupid and overrated.  Tomorrow isn’t promised so why should I have to wait to let someone know how I really feel?

Besides, it’s just another gimmick holiday to bring big name corporations, like American

Greetings, money because certain individuals think a card can express so much more than a courtesy phone call.

I can’t go the grocery store without noticing V-day cakes nor can I go to pick up my photos from Walgreens without walking down a pink and red aisle.

It’s hard to ignore the promotion of being in love when everywhere you go you see a naked baby with some wings.

If you really hate to watch romance, you may as well stick in some DVDs because all the sitcoms will script love into the show and networks will feature romance marathons.

Why does it seem like if you’re not in a relationship you can’t celebrate this day? V-day makes single people feel like we’re not in the loop or that we’re not worthy of attention. 

What if we don’t have any interests in having a significant other because we just don’t want one? Should we feel left out and lonely?

I’ve celebrated V-day more times than I would like to remember. There’s nothing special about waiting to feel important. Even trying to make someone feel special can go wrong. Guys are looked at as non-romantic when they don’t buy the commercialized, played out-gifts and women are forced to become actresses when given gifts they don’t even want because their allergic to chocolate!

Well I stand with the other side this year. The single side.  I don’t have to be in love to share my feelings about someone who I consider to be special. I call my mother whenever I think about how I much I love her and I let her know. Saturday will be just another day for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just another “holiday” I wish I would’ve thought of first. 


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