University may face more cuts

Due to the economic crisis, Florida A&M University administrators may have to cut about $17.5 million from their $102 million general revenue budget according to the Tallahasse Democrat.

During a budget workshop, FAMU’s chief financial officer Teresa Hardee made a 30-page presentation to the Board of Trustees.  

Hardee then presented her recommendations for possible cuts at the university.
She reminded the BOT of how reducing the workweek to four days, for six months to a year, could save the university $4.5 million in salary reductions.  The BOT then understood what a huge difference the lack of 17.5 million dollars in total cuts meant.

While FAMU faces major difficulties, it is truly sad that students have to face these hardships. And though many employees will also  be affected, what others must understand is that students are just trying to make it out of college. It’s sad that as a HBCU we get hit the hardest. We are barely staying afloat during these economic downfalls.

Around this time last spring, university officials weren’t sure if summer school would be provided.

This situation could be unfortunate for students trying to graduate in the summer.
With all the problems in the world, like the recession, it makes people want to stay in school a little while longer. The term  “professional students” may be getting very popular within the next year.

Earlena Boswell for the editorial board.