Sin city’s mayor reacts to Obama’s remarks

According to, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman wrote a letter to President Barack Obama about his criticism of companies using taxpayer dollars, to visit the city.

Goodman also stated that the President’s comments were detrimental to the attraction of tourists and the citizens of southern Nevada.

He believes that although President Obama’s remarks were casual, the potential ramifications had no precedence.  

He hasn’t blatantly asked the President to apologize, but to correct the relevant controversy this issue has caused.

The White House has yet, to react to Goodman’s comments.  I’m positive that the President never implied anything negative towards Las Vegas, or any one particular city. 
Obama’s criticism was probably aimed at the fact that taxpayers’ funds were being used for junkets.

Although Las Vegas is a city whose economy relies on  travelers, junkets shouldn’t be paid for at a taxpayer’s expense.

According to the Las Vegas Associated Press, the number of visitors to Las Vegas was down about 4 percent in 2008 compared to earlier years.  The visits made in December alone, declined nearly 11 percent.

The amount of disposable income for American citizens has declined.  For Goodman to find the Presidents’ remarks harmful towards a profitable tourist attraction is funny because it’s illogical.

In all actuality, money generated from tourist attractions is usually allocated and dispensed locally, not nationally until its time to pay taxes.  Therefore, the illusion that the mayor is painting could be seen as inaccurate and somewhat irresponsible.

Mike King for the editorial board.