What grinds Wesley’s gears?

I live for the weekend. Truth be told, I hate to work. I even despise writing sometimes. But, I do it because I live by Mike Jones’ philosophy: If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t grind, you don’t shine.

That being said, I do what I have to do in order to enjoy the benefits of all my hard work.
This includes going out for a night on the town every Saturday.

Last week, I decided to ditch the monotony and go to a venue I frequented two years ago: Baja’s Beach club.

My cousin Walter and I arrived fashionably late around 12:30 because we thought the club stayed open until 3 a.m.

Everything was good at first. The crowd was a tad bit hood (refer to last week’s column), but I enjoyed myself anyway. That is until the lights came on.

“It’s three already?” I asked Walter.

He opened his phone and showed me that it was only 2:18 in the morning.

Then, an employee of Baja’s got on the DJ’s mike and informed us that the city of Tallahassee passed a new law stating that clubs can no longer stay open past 2:30 a.m.

“What in the hell is this?!” I screamed.

I was outraged.

Here I had paid good money to enjoy myself, and I was getting gypped.

Then I wondered, who pushed and voted for the law?

It’s no secret that the bulk of nightclubs in Tallahassee cater to college students. It couldn’t have been us.

It had to be the residents.

But why? I acknowledge that there is a rift between the long-time residents of Tallahassee and the students.

We don’t acknowledge them and we’re only here for a short while.

They on the other hand feel like we don’t respect their town and that we cause a ruckus in their neighborhoods.

Many can agree/ disagree with both arguments.

But it is safe to say that without college students here in town, the economy would be severely weak.

Why would one try to anger students who bring millions of dollars into to town every year?
It baffles me. I will get to the bottom of this. Stay tuned for part two of this discussion on next week.

Wesley Martin is a senior magazine student from Miami. He can be reached at wes.n.martin@gmail.com