Tax offers a better solution

For the past 20 days, spending rates have decreased, gas prices have increased and property values have been in extreme decline. 

While legislators are discussing what needs to be done to fix this economic crisis, families are still struggling to make a decent living.

According to officials, Leon County has faced a $22.7 million cut since 2007, and both Democrat and Republican legislators are deciding if an increase in cigarette taxes will be beneficial in helping lower the state’s budget crisis.

Over the past few years, the majority of Leon County’s budget cuts happen in the local school systems. 

Some people may, or may not agree with the routes taken to help rebuild the economy. 

But why are legislators even having second thoughts about increasing cigarette taxes? They certainly did not hesitate to slash school budgets.

Only five other states have lower cigarette taxes than Florida, so is it truly a problem to raise the taxes?

Sure this tax may just add on to the other new federal taxes, and sales may decline. 

But is it not worth it if the American Heart Association predicts that a $1-a-pack tax increase would reduce the number of young people who start smoking by 20 percent?

It is completely understood that every law made must be thought out thoroughly. 

Legislators must remember that while they are deciding, our communities face chaos. 

The time to get things up and running is now. 

If we are in fact a democratic nation, then we truly need to listen to our people and make decisions that have can make a more positive impact.

Letitia Skippings for the Editorial Board.