The Beacham duo say farewell in Washington

The Marching 100 at Florida A&M University is often seen as a strong family with a very strong legacy all over the world. Drum majors Craig and Gregory Beacham have been leaders in keeping that legacy alive.

The Beacham brothers have been playing the saxophone since the fifth-grade, and playing together since high school. They performed for the last time together at the 44th presidential inauguration parade in Washington DC.

“It was one of those once in a lifetime things,” Craig Beacham said, 21, a junior public relations student from Washington D.C., “it felt good to be apart of history.”

Growing up, they said they never thought they would both end up at the same school, marching in a parade with the first black president. The Beachams felt privileged to get the opportunity to celebrate their last college performance at such a historic occasion.

Craig Beacham said, “I am proud my brother has gone on [graduated] but it was fun being a drum major, rooming and working with him.”

The Beacham brothers became drum majors in 2007 and have been inseparable on the field ever since.

Because it was their final march together the parade was a bittersweet moment for the brothers.

“It is kind of big, its been a great ride, and I had a great time,” said Gregory Beacham, 22, a jazz studies graduate from Washington, D.C.

The experience they have had together at FAMU has been especially memorable because of them both being in the band.

Gregory Beacham says he remembers their first few games as drum major together the most.

“We had very close field position, we were able to be playful and had great communication.”

Craig Beacham remembers their first Orlando Classic as drum majors together as was very special to him because “our mother told everyone and all of our family was there supporting us.”

Their parents are FAMU alumni.

“I think it is wonderful that they choose to continue our family’s legacy at FAMU,” said their mother, Antoinette Beacham.

Gregory Beacham said he is pleased with what he accomplished at FAMU and in the band.

“I feel like I have done pretty good, I would have loved to do much more, but I am done on my end.” said Gregory Beacham.