New program offers assistance

Cover Florida, a Health Care Access program, offers health care coverage to 3.8 million of uninsured Floridians. 

The program is for Florida residents that have been without insurance for at least six months or those who have recently lost employee sponsored insurance.

Many private insurance companies are involved in this program, like Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care. Cover Florida targets adults from ages 19 to 64.

In addition, four of the six companies associated with the program offers low-cost plans for children.

This new plan could possibly be the answer to the prayers of many Floridians without any health coverage. 

The idea to make health insurance more accessible to the less fortunate is a sign of forward progress economically. 

Cover Florida is beneficial to every Floridian who applies. It’s a system that offers health care that is affordable and has a significant quality.

Floridians should take complete advantage of this opportunity especially since it is mandatory for all six companies to insure all applicants regardless of their health issues. 

With the economy in a recession this is a chance to get health coverage at a lower cost than ever before.

Cover Florida has many benefit options, such as coverage for preventive services, screenings, and office visits, as well as office surgery, urgent care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and diabetic supplies and list continues.

Benefits and a reduced cost are incentives that should attract Floridians to this new program, which has been developed to better suit the needs of the people. 

Health care is an important issue that should be taken seriously because it affects lives on a daily bases. 

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Michael King for the Editorial Board.