Name can help or hinder child

In many societies it is common for parents to name their children after great figures. People have given all 10 of their children a name out of the Bible, when they haven’t even read one chapter. 

It seems that individuals give their children these names because they think their offspring will one day be great. 

It’s natural, and it’s great that a nurturing parent would want their child to be destined for success, but let’s be real, it doesn’t always happen like that. 

Rather than let their children create their own legacy these parents would rather have their children live up to someone else’s name.

Many people give their children certain names because they consider them cute or unique and that is fine.

The parents who really feel their child is going to be as powerful as God’s son one day, name him Jesus.

Maybe the parents of a Michael believe he will be a great basketball star like Mike.

And then there are the parents that go the extra yard and name their daughter Chaka because they feel she will one day be one of the best female vocal artists in the world.


Trust, everyone knows that many people have already began plotting and strategizing the new names of their next child. 

We are already a step ahead, the president’s name won’t work nor any variation of his name. It is apparent that everyone wants the best for their child and for that reason no one has anything to prove.

As a  result, parents don’t have to name their children after Barack Obama for them to turn out great. 

Think about it, how many Barack Obama’s has America heard of before hearing his name in the news?

Give children a fresh start and let them be who they want to be.  So DO NOT give a child any of the names on this list:

1. Kabama (Kah-bama)

2. Shabama (Sha-bama)

3. Fabama(Fah-bama)

4. Brakita (Bra-kee-tah)

5. Barakeisha (Ba-rah-kee-sha)

6. Obamaneita (O-ba-ma-nee-tah)

7. Barana (Bree-uhna)

8. Obreisha (O-BREE-SHA)

9. La’Rack (La-Rock)

10. Obarri (O-bar-ree)

11. Baracke'(Ba-rock-kay)


13. Barackia(Bah-roc-kee-a)