Menu options expand on FAMU’s campus

The dining area known as the ‘Orange Room’ is expected to re-open March 7, according to Paul Bajere, project manager at Florida A&M University.      

Many students said they were not happy when the Orange Room closed for reconstruction more than a year ago.

“I was really hurt,” said Regina Calhoun, 22, a senior health care management student from Jacksonville. “I used to eat there almost every morning. ”   

Michael Smith, director of auxiliary services said students can expect to see a few changes to the Orange Room when it re-opens.     

“The official name will be the University Commons Building,” Smith said. “However, it will still be affectionately known as the ‘Orange Room.'”   

Another change will be restaurants that will outfit the dining hall, Smith added.      

“There will be a Grill 155 and a Magic Johnson Sub Connection,” he said.  “The first of its kind.”

Some students said they are excited about the new renovations.

“I’m probably one of the only people around here who have eaten at a Magic Johnson restaurant so this is great,” said Dwayne Que, 22, a junior computer information systems student from Jacksonville.       

Dean Rakestraw, superintendent for the Peter Brown construction company, said, “most of the building will be occupied by the Information Technology department.”

The next upgrade scheduled for the FAMU campus is a renovation of Jones Hall, according to Bajere.

Bajere, who developed the design programs for the new FAMU Developmental Research School and the new Multi-Purpose Gym across from Gaither Gym, said that work is scheduled to begin on Jones Hall during the summer.

Renovations will soon be made to the Gore Educational Complex, Tucker Hall, Sampson Hall, Young Hall and the old FAMU DRS. Among these renovation plans is the creation of a phase 2 of the Pharmacy building.