A new path on The ‘Hill’

“It’s about time,” said Alyssa Crawford, a sophomore nursing student from Macon, Ga.

The hill between the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications and Gamble Street has seen many slips, falls and tumbles. But now students, professors and faculty who normally travel that route can use a new sidewalk that was laid during the winter holidays.

The sidewalk has received mixed emotions from some members of the student body.

“I think this is a step FAMU is taking towards going green,” said Keuntae Barnes, a sophomore political science student from Fort Lauderdale. “I think it’s a good idea for environmental reasons because people won’t walk on the grass anymore.”

But not every student agrees.

Lashane Wright, a sophomore criminal justice and psychology student from Miami, does not like the sidewalk.

Wright said the sidewalk will help lazy people since a walkway already exists parallel to Gamble Street. “People need to walk around,” Wright said.

The sidewalk cost an estimated $25,000 to lay, according to Samuel Houston, director of facilities planning and construction, and it was funded through the minor projects funding.

The sidewalk was officially completed Jan. 12, and Houston said the sidewalk was laid for a number of reasons. “It provides a more aesthetic and safe walking environment for the student body that utilizes that area,” Houston said.

Some students like the idea of the sidewalk, but thought it needed work.

“It’s a good idea, but it looks tacky, and people still walk on the grass,” said Ashley Minard, a junior elementary education student from Orlando.