Top 10 New Year’s Resoultions

1.Provide more student parking

There are several options to improve student parking…Build another parking garage! There are several parking lots on campus that can be turned into parking garages. Why do we have over 10,000 students, but only ONE 3-level parking garage?

2. Hire a more efficient technical support team for the FAMU website

Pretty graphics are nice and all, but current and prospective students, as well as staff need to be able to navigate throughout the site efficiently.

3. Stop yelling profanity at basketball games

When FAMU isn’t winning, it’s childish, ignorant and most of all, disrespectful to curse at the opposing team.

4. FAMU students should strive to dress as professionals

FAMU is a professional institution that provides higher education to thousands of people. Therefore, students need to present themselves professionally. Some Famuans still dress as if they are on their way to go clubbing at the Moon on a Wednesday night. Do NOT wear stilettos and mini shorts to class! It’s not cute, classy or professional!

5. Provide healthier food options on campus

Universities take part in shaping the mental as well as physical health of students. Therefore, better food should be provided in the Cafeteria…Pizza Hut and KFC provide little to no nutritional value and are the reason for the “freshmen 15.”

6. SBI needs to remodel and refurbish the South Wing

The other 3 wings of SBI have a fairly new look, but the South wing looks as if it is still 1973…and that is the first place prospective or new students walk into.

7. Provide friendlier and more helpful staff throughout campus

“Excellence with caring,” has been forgotten. It seems as if FAMU staff isn’t helpful most of the time. FAMU staff could easily be more helpful but they don’t because they don’t want to be bothered or they simply don’t care.

8. Pick up the phone in the Financial Aid office ALL YEAR LONG!

If the Financial Aid staff answered the phone, they wouldn’t have a line backed up with 200 plus students in the office the first few weeks of school.

9.Renovate or rip down Sampson and Young Halls

The space that Sampson and Young are occupying are a waste of land, if that area was available, FAMU could offer more food options or parking there…SOMETHING that benefits the University.


Resolutions one through nine could easily be solved if FAMU had more funding to hire more staff or build another parking garage! To all current rattlers, if you have experienced a few difficulties while attending FAMU, when you graduate and start your career, donate to FAMU!

Samantha Savory is a fourth year public relations student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She can be reached at