President Bush did not fail the USA by himself

Has the American public really been subjected to eight years of failed policies, job losses and increased prices? Not to mention a mishandled war on terror. For eight years, America has seen a drop in resources, morale and respect in what used to be the most respected country.

Democrats tend to blame the newfound “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality misinformed Republicans seem to have for America’s multitude of problems. Republicans blame the “indecisive” nature of Democrats for the problems. Everyone believes President George W. Bush is the problem. They feel removing him will lead America back to the promise land, with president-elect Barack Obama conducting choirs singing “It’s a Small World.”

Not the case, people.

Admittedly, getting the self-proclaimed “Decider” out of office is a giant leap forward, but the real victory comes from removing an administration that gave America headaches without uttering a single “Bushism.”

In the past eight years, we’ve seen a Secretary of Defense who was allegedly fond of torture, a Secretary of Education who wasn’t fond of happy teachers and a vice president who shot his friend in the face.

People, let us not forget that Bush can only nominate his partners in crime, the Senate must approve them. For eight years, it’s been fools hiring fools to do foolish jobs.  Obama is one man, and if he can learn anything from the soon to be former president, let it be that a man is only as good as the talent, or lack thereof that he surrounds himself with.

Jordan Culver for the Editorial Board.