Fighting vices a lost cause

Some people believe in the phrase “A new year, a new me.” These individuals are dreamers that believe a new year could be a new start for them. Although this dream can become a reality, it is unfortunate that most people set unrealistic or farfetched goals to achieve. 

According to, more than 40 percent of Americans usually make a new year’s resolution. 

The main resolutions that are made on a yearly basis are to lose weight and to quit smoking. 

While these resolutions do not sound improbable many people turn them into unattainable goals.

A person who desires to lose weight may set an unrealistic goal of losing 50 pounds in three months.

And when they only lose five pounds in the first month their feelings are shattered and they give up. Without having the slightest doubt that losing so much weight in so little time is impossible, the individual has set himself/herself up for failure. 

A better alternative would be to make minor adjustments to achieve an entirely new lifestyle where eating correctly and exercising becomes second nature.

Eager individuals in the New Year are motivated and excited about all the good things that are possible. Sadly, this motivation does not last long.

Only 46 percent of these individual’s resolutions are maintained after six months, while the other 54 percent have completely thrown in the towel, according to 

This outcome could be avoided if people would think reasonably and examine their self truthfully. 

Instead they are left miserable and defeated.

Despite the many attempts that Americans make to change their lifestyle, making a resolution is better than doing nothing. 

Some Americans don’t even bother making a resolution at all. 

These people have lost their ambition and are severely worse than those individuals that make unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. 

Some may think everything is fine in their life and they have nothing to change or improve.

But the truth is, no one is perfect. So rather than bypassing the whole “New Year’s Resolution thing” everyone should set at least one goal.

People that take the time out and make an effort to achieve a New Year’s resolution, no matter what it is, are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals then those who don’t explicitly make a resolution.   

The main key to an individual’s success is having the will power to make a positive change in their life.  An individual who has the will to advance in life will reap what they have instilled in their life.

It is possible that anyone can achieve a resolution in 2009, but one must first make the attempt to enhance his or her life and refrain from making a farfetched goal.

Kwamae Simpkins is a sophomore magazine production student from Pensacola, Fla. She can be reached at